Nov 15

HUGE UPDATE! SafeSync and SafeSync for Business just graduated!

Hey SafeSync Fans!

You spoke and we listened! Ever since we first launched SafeSync in late 2010 our team has been getting your feedback and working on ways to improve the services and functionality of the product.

Today sees the release of the most advanced SafeSync software to date, and it comes with some key enhancements that will have you throwing away your USB sticks in sheer delight!

So, what’s getting better..?

Meet the SafeSync Folder:

There’s new folder on your computer and its name is the SafeSync Folder. This new folder is installed just like a standard Windows or Mac folder. You can drag and drop files straight to the cloud. Any file you move to the SafeSync Folder will be replicated on all computers where you install SafeSync and to your cloud storage area.

Make more SafeSync Folders:

Don’t want to move your files into the SafeSync Folder? Prefer to keep everything in its place? That’s okay, SafeSync allows you to make any folder a SafeSync Folder. Just right click on a folder and choose SafeSync > Make this a SafeSync Folder.

Selectively sync:

You can tell SafeSync which files you want (or don’t want) on each device, simply click ‘customize’ in the SafeSync Folder settings.  No more wasting space on your hard drives

Roar like a… Mac!

SafeSync is now compatible with Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) and native 64bit mode in 10.5 and above.

Complete new look & feel

SafeSync has a new friendlier look and feel so it’s easier to navigate and manage your digital life.

And there’s more… you’ll find great new features once you start using it! The best thing about this is that we’ll be pushing updates to existing SafeSync customers from the end of November.

Something’s also happened in the data center…

New data center, better security and an SLA!

  • We have now added a new data center for our EMEA customers in Munich, Germany
  • Your data is now a whole lot safer, as we have now implemented Trend Micro’s innovative SecureCloud encryption solution to encrypt all your data as it is saved onto the data center servers
  • Finally for all our business customers using SafeSync for Business there is now a 99.9% availability service level back by a money back service level agreement.

Not a SafeSync user? You’re crazy! Go to  or if you are a business user and  get yourself an account today!

You can upgrade manually starting on November 15. You will be able to download the latest version of SafeSync for Windows and Mac by signing in at and clicking on the ‘download’ link.

If you haven’t already done so you should join us on our Facebook page to get the latest updates and put your questions directly to the team.

Have fun!

-The SafeSync Team!

Nov 8

Minor release today

Small server-side updates today. There shouldn’t be any downtime. The 5.0 release is coming Nov 15. Hang tight for another week… big blog post coming…

Oct 12

One more month until SafeSync 5.0!

Even though we are busy readying the 5.0 client, we managed to get in a new feature called ‘sign-in event history’. Now, users of SafeSync can see a history of account sign-ins. Users can see where and when the sign-in occurred to make sure no unauthorized access has been obtained. Administrators of SafeSync for Business accounts can see sign-in history for all sub-users as well!

Plenty of other minor tweaks and bug fixes included. See you next month for the big 5.0 release!

Sep 14

Summer is unofficially over and we are hard at work

Nothing too exciting happening in the September 14 release as we are hard at work fixing bugs in the new 5.0 client. If you want to become a beta tester you can sign-up here.

Aug 10

It must be Summer!

Not a lot going on at SafeSync HQ this month. Today’s release contains mostly minor bug fixes and preparation for an upcoming big release. SafeSync 5.0 is coming! Spread the word…

Jul 5

Update: What to expect in the July release!

Thanks for joining us again and for choosing SafeSync!

Every month the SafeSync team use their talents and extraordinary brain power to bring you some of the coolest features in the cloud. We’re excited to say that we have some fantastic improvements to announce, and we’re confident that July will be a great month for our SafeSync users!

Why do we sound so confident? Well… we’ve been listening to what YOU have to say. The most important people in our lives (except for our family, friends and pets) are you, so we try our best to listen to what SafeSync users need and want from our service.

We hope you’ll help keep the great product suggestions rolling in, and join us on Facebook.

A big thanks to the SafeSync development team this month. It’s summertime in the northern hemisphere and our teams have sacrificed their long ‘sunny’ days relaxing in the park, in the pursuit of that killer feature release. Thanks guys 🙂

We’ll keep you no longer and get straight to the highlights of our most recent product update (planned release July 13th, 2011).

Wanna save bytes? Preview your files before you hit download!

  • Now see the file shared with you prior to downloading.

Data, data and more data……….

  • Improvement to sync and upload history reporting
    • Improved reporting now shows Day/Hour/Minute/second
    • Now includes ability download history using a CSV

Now a Safer-Sync

  • Improved security for SafeSync access
    • Now all web sessions are defaulted to HTTPS, ensuring you are always encrypted

You now have more space

  • Due to popular demand, we have now reduced the impact on your overall storage by reducing the file versioning from unlimited to only the last 10 versions.
  • To improve system performance and increase usable storage space per user, only the last 10 versions of any file will now be storage. This will be applied to all consumer and business users on all plans.

SafeSync just got greener

  • We are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment. A recent study showed that recycle bins were holding about 5% of our entire energy use.
  • After discussions with some users only files up to 90days will be kept in the recycling bin, reducing this figure by approximately 75%.

These great new features will start go live 13th July 2011,

Hope you see you all again soon, and keep checking back for further important updates or casual posts!

– The SafeSync team

Jun 8

New SafeSync updates coming on June 8 11:00-13:00 UTC:

  • Ability to download multiple files the Web UI
  • Forced use of HTTPS when signing in to Web UI ( or
  • Platform stability fixes
  • Several bug fixes

It’s a minor release, but after launching SafeSync for Business in May, we thought the team needed some sleep.

May 28

Expected Maintenance Downtime

The SafeSync team will be performing maintenance on the data center infrastructure that may result users unable to register new accounts in SafeSync or SafeSync for Business or create sub-users in SafeSync for Business. The expected downtime will be from 7:00 – 8:00 UTC on June 9, 2011. Please rest assured that your data is safe.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


May 10

Now Available: SafeSync for Business

New SafeSync updates coming on May 11 11:00-13:00 UTC:

  • General availability of SafeSync for Business in North America and Europe (more details available here).
  • New thumbnails for JPEG images will respect the orientation in the tags, so users will see their images rotated correctly if their camera supports this.
  • User’s name and email address are now displayed in the WebUI and client.
  • New search functionality in online Help documentation
  • Support in the client for web proxies that use HTTP Basic auth.
  • Several client performance improvements including a 25% reduction in memory and CPU usage.
  • Addition of ‘Remove from Sync’ from right-click context menu.
  • Service name in Windows no longer contains the name ‘Humyo’.

Apr 13

SafeSync 3.3.0 Released

New SafeSync updates coming on April 13 at 9:00 UTC:

  • New homepage with SSO
  • New shareable link options to add a password or an expiry time
  • New right-click context menu to ‘add to sync’ and ‘sync as soon as possible’
  • Updated right-hand sidebar in Web UI to show Account Information (NOTE: enter email address for sharing has been removed to accommodate account information enhancement)
  • New language support: Spanish, Italian and Traditional Chinese
  • Several more bug fixes…
    • Conflict are now resolved automatically
    • Less connection sensitivity
    • Improvements to thumbnail building
    • Client no longer allows computer to enter sleep/hibernation during syncing (user can still initiate manually)
    • Client no longer shows ‘still syncing’ if remaining pending files are locked by another application

Next month: SafeSync for Business