May 15

May SafeSync Changelog Notes

SafeSync Web Console –

Updates released 9th of May

  • New Web Console Language Support – Brazilian Portuguese
  • Enhance the visibility and change location of the web console help links
  • New style for registration and registration complete page, and GSG steps are clickable
  • Show up “activate with key” link only when subscription has 3 months left only
  • Remove ‘Quick Start Guide’ for new users (SafeSync consumer product first)
  • Remove share action from teamfolder viewer in REST API

Mobile Apps v1.5

Will also release in May but not align with monthly release on the  9th of May

  • Support multiple files upload from mobile device to server.
  • Add History page: provide download queue and downloaded file list
  • Add Upload page: provide upload queue and upload progress status.
  • Change refresh style to match iPhone/iPad user behavior: Pull-down refresh
  • Provide Thumbnail view for photos and videos.
  • Add Recycle Bin: provide delete/restore/empty files in recycle bin.
  • Support Save Photo to album, user could save photo/video from MyFiles to local device.
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