May 15

Android user? Oh yeah, here comes a kick ass mobile app to backup your device… for FREE!

We’re launching an entirely new Trend Micro product called Backup and Restore. Backup and Restore is a mobile backup app that works on Android Smartphones, cheekily backing up your photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars call history, text messages, and more!

How is it different from SafeSync? Well, Backup and Restore is a pure backup product that takes a secure copy of your files and holds them in the cloud just incase you lose, damage or upgrade your device. It’s a disaster recovery tool that helps you recover in the event of data loss or when you upgrade to a swanky new device! No sync, no access from the website or desktop, just good quality backup for your Android device– nice and simple.

You’ll probably have home insurance that covers your device should the worst happens, but money can bring back your precious data… Backup and Restore can!

It’s free to use, works on Android devices, supports English (more languages to come depending on popularity), and is probably the most important app you’ll ever download!

We’re currently offering this in live Beta – which means you can get your hands on it and protect your stuff for free right now.

It takes 4 mins to boil an egg. It takes 2 mins to download and install Backup and Restore. One tastes nice, the other might save you from mobile-Armageddon! It’s your choice… download here.

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