Apr 12

The Cloud – a bag for life?

It was World Back-up Day on 31 March. Hurrah!

As computing devices become ever-more ubiquitous and move closer to the heart of our daily lives, we need to pay more attention to what’s on them. Back in the days when there was one PC per household – if you were lucky – and all you could get was dial-up internet, back-up probably wasn’t much of a big deal unless you were using your PC for some serious number crunching or work-related assignment.

In those days a floppy disk or CD would have sufficed, kept under lock and key somewhere safe. As time wore on, external hard drives and USBs became the back-up location of choice, offering huge amounts more storage capacity and improved portability. The problem is, they never really overcame the main issue with back-up: you have to remember to do it frequently to make it worthwhile; you have to remember where you put your back-up device; and you have to take damn good care of it in case it breaks.

World Back-up Day is still an important event, but there are technologies out there that in reality should render it completely redundant. Why? Because of the advent of cloud computing.

Technologies like SafeSync automatically back-up your files securely and continuously to the cloud using real-time synchronisation technology. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s safe and it’s mobile. Here are some of the benefits:

  • As soon as you save a piece of content it is backed up to SafeSync’s secure datacentres
  • Previous versions of files can be recovered because it allows you to view history of changes
  • Content can be accessed from any of your internet-enabled devices – PC, tablet, smartphone, laptop etc
  • If your device is stolen, the most important things on it will be safe, synced to another device or in the cloud
  • You can share your favourite content with whomever you wish

Imagine traditional back-up as a plain old bog-standard flimsy plastic shopping bag. Eventually it’ll let you down by breaking at the most inopportune moment, or it’ll get lost or stolen, and ultimately end up on a rubbish heap.

The SafeSync way is a ‘bag for life’ – robust and ever-lasting. Multiple copies of each file are kept on separate drives in the Trend Micro datacenter and each drive is replaced frequently to make sure it doesn’t break.  In fact, users theoretically don’t even need to store their content in the cloud as each file could simply be synced between each of their smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop, providing several handy back-ups automatically.

Back-up is not just for one day of the year, it should be going on in the background automatically all the time thanks to the new generation of synchronisation technologies.

Maybe right now would be a good time to check it out!?

For full notes on the latest April release please refer to the new SafeSync changelog.

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