Apr 12

April SafeSync Changelog notes

Hey guys, here are the technical notes for the April SafeSync changelog-


[API] Search API: Should provide search by “keyword” like the feature on

Web Console

[API] Recycle API: provide file list under Recycle-Bin and “empty”, “recover” function.

[Shareable link] Shareable link message message modification

[Shareable link] List up all shareable links by folder

[WebUI] Capable to customize Company HelpDesk info in Web console (SafeSync for Business)

[WebUI] Remove Blog link[blog.safesync.com] for SafeSync for Business

[WebUI] Add account activation link in web console

[WebUI] Create a separate client/mobile download page (SafeSync for Business)

[WebUI] Don’t show thumbnail if video is still rendering

Allow admin to customize “provisioning invitation” mail (SafeSync for Business)

Allow admin to customize “Team Folder invitation” mail  (SafeSync for Business)

Admin can delete sub-users without emptying their accounts, and all their files will become a team folder (SafeSync for Business)

[WebUI] Now supports Brazilian Portuguese


[Windows] Allow 3rd party to query status from registery

[Windows] Allow OEM to specify and pre-generate paired folder

Client support NTLM proxy authentication

Client now supports Brazilian Portuguese


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