Mar 21

The March update: Sharing is caring!

Hey guys,

The March update has finally arrived and with it comes a bag full of security and desktop software goodies for you to enjoy.

Next month will see the introduction of a changelog to the blog. This might not be bedtime reading for most of us but it will be a very helpful resource for our technical user base.

Single use link anyone?

How does this benefit you..? Well, we’re continuing to make your sharing experience more secure by introducing the ‘single use’ option for our shareable links. This will enable you to send out links to your personal files, safe in the knowledge that the link will be removed immediately after your friend accesses it! Very cool if you are a secret agent, and useful if you just want an added layer of security – (You can access the ‘single use’ option from the ‘share this’ popup menu).

Pump up the volume with our enhanced bandwidth controls!

Sick of the internet crawling when you have to sync huge files? If you’re not lucky enough to have broadband then you might be interested in our enhanced bandwidth control options. Now you can toggle the speed at which your files are uploaded/downloaded between your device and SafeSync.

Overview of major updates:

  • Bandwidth control enhancements
    • Allow users to set the rate of upload and download speed


  • Shareable link security option improvement (Align with server enhancement)
    • Show up all option in default
    • Enhance wording to be more user-friendly


  • Ability to update client from within the client
    • Updated controls added to the ‘about’ tab within the client

Enjoy, and check in soon!


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