Dec 2

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Hi Everyone,

First let me say thank you for the feedback and for caring enough to post on the Community Forums. It’s true, SafeSync is different than Humyo, but we believe it’s better in the long run. We haven’t removed any functionality related to syncing… Just added one and move others. With the SafeSync 5.0 client you have two ways to sync data to the cloud.

  1. You can use the SafeSync Folder to drag & drop files files directly to the cloud for quick and easy sync across all your devices.
  2. You can “make any folder a SafeSync Folder” (e.g., the old folder pairing function) just by simply right-clicking the folder you want to “pair” and choosing “SafeSync > Make this a SafeSync Folder” from the sub-menu.

Yes, we have removed much detail surrounding “bandwidth throttling” and “sync time remaining”. Our goal here was to make the product so simple that you didn’t need to worry about these things. Just set it up to sync and don’t worry about the time needed. In retrospect, we might have gone too fare. We’ve heard similar feedback on both areas and plan to add “some” of this functionality back in.

  1. More finite bandwidth control – While I don’t think we will go as far as we did in the old client, we realize all Internet connections are not created equal and will be giving more control to the user here.
  2. More information about sync time – I still believe the old client was “too chatty”, but now it’s “too quiet”, so we will work on adding more information for the user to know how much time is left to sync.

Neither of these are final specs, so if you have comments or suggestions, please provide them my way.

Again, thanks for your continued support.


– SafeSync Product Manager

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