Jul 5

Update: What to expect in the July release!

Thanks for joining us again and for choosing SafeSync!

Every month the SafeSync team use their talents and extraordinary brain power to bring you some of the coolest features in the cloud. We’re excited to say that we have some fantastic improvements to announce, and we’re confident that July will be a great month for our SafeSync users!

Why do we sound so confident? Well… we’ve been listening to what YOU have to say. The most important people in our lives (except for our family, friends and pets) are you, so we try our best to listen to what SafeSync users need and want from our service.

We hope you’ll help keep the great product suggestions rolling in, and join us on Facebook.

A big thanks to the SafeSync development team this month. It’s summertime in the northern hemisphere and our teams have sacrificed their long ‘sunny’ days relaxing in the park, in the pursuit of that killer feature release. Thanks guys 🙂

We’ll keep you no longer and get straight to the highlights of our most recent product update (planned release July 13th, 2011).

Wanna save bytes? Preview your files before you hit download!

  • Now see the file shared with you prior to downloading.

Data, data and more data……….

  • Improvement to sync and upload history reporting
    • Improved reporting now shows Day/Hour/Minute/second
    • Now includes ability download history using a CSV

Now a Safer-Sync

  • Improved security for SafeSync access
    • Now all web sessions are defaulted to HTTPS, ensuring you are always encrypted

You now have more space

  • Due to popular demand, we have now reduced the impact on your overall storage by reducing the file versioning from unlimited to only the last 10 versions.
  • To improve system performance and increase usable storage space per user, only the last 10 versions of any file will now be storage. This will be applied to all consumer and business users on all plans.

SafeSync just got greener

  • We are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment. A recent study showed that recycle bins were holding about 5% of our entire energy use.
  • After discussions with some users only files up to 90days will be kept in the recycling bin, reducing this figure by approximately 75%.

These great new features will start go live 13th July 2011,

Hope you see you all again soon, and keep checking back for further important updates or casual posts!

– The SafeSync team

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