Apr 13

SafeSync 3.3.0 Released

New SafeSync updates coming on April 13 at 9:00 UTC:

  • New safesync.com homepage with SSO
  • New shareable link options to add a password or an expiry time
  • New right-click context menu to ‘add to sync’ and ‘sync as soon as possible’
  • Updated right-hand sidebar in Web UI to show Account Information (NOTE: enter email address for sharing has been removed to accommodate account information enhancement)
  • New language support: Spanish, Italian and Traditional Chinese
  • Several more bug fixes…
    • Conflict are now resolved automatically
    • Less connection sensitivity
    • Improvements to thumbnail building
    • Client no longer allows computer to enter sleep/hibernation during syncing (user can still initiate manually)
    • Client no longer shows ‘still syncing’ if remaining pending files are locked by another application

Next month: SafeSync for Business

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