Jun 25

Expert Reviews gives SafeSync the Thumbs up!

Here’s a 4/5 star review of SafeSync from the guys at the Expert Reviews testing labs. We had a great showing in their review of Sync & Online Backup products in 2011, and SafeSync comes out very well in 2012.

“SafeSync’s easy to use and has some great features such as music streaming” – Expert Reviews, 2012. 

Want to test SafeSync before putting your hand in your pocket? Get your 20GB 30 day trial here and see what all the fuss is about.

– The SafeSync team

Jun 11

Trend Micro Helps Make Facebook Safer

By Tony Larks,  Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing, Trend Micro

With an estimated valuation of $100 billion and a loyal membership of nearly 900 million subscribers worldwide, Facebook has also been forced to grow up fast.

Back in 2004, when Zuckerberg was conjuring up the social network in his Harvard dorm room, the threat landscape was undergoing a rather unpleasant evolution. Spyware and phishing attacks were just beginning to make an impact as these attacks by organized cybercrime gangs were replacing the more innocent efforts of script kiddies as the biggest online threats.

Criminals brought a whole new level of ruthlessness

These botnet-driven, financially-motivated attacks took many by surprise as the criminals brought a whole new level of ruthlessness and intensity to the front line of information security. They exploited weaknesses in technology and users’ own willingness to trust online what they probably wouldn’t in the “real world.”  And exploiting people’s trust is still going on.

Malicious links are a common tactic used to trick people into visiting sites that could steal their data or lead to the downloading malicious software that takes control of their PCs. The unsolicited link may arrive from a “friend” on the site, or use some other kind of social engineering technique to persuade the user to click on it. It could claim to lead to a funny video or shocking piece of content. Making matters worst is that the link is often shortened to disguise the ultimate location.

As with any criminal endeavour, the bad guys are basically driven by the same economic forces as any legitimate business. They follow the money, looking for the highest return on investment for the least amount of effort.

Popular Targets

Not so long ago, Apple Mac users were relatively safe from harm as there were so few of them around globally, it just wasn’t worth the criminal’s effort to invest in attacking them. However, thanks to Microsoft upping the security of its own platforms and the Apple’s iOS platforms increasing popularity, criminals have begun to target its’ users too.

Similarly, Facebook has rightly realized that its single web-based platform with a huge captive user base of nearly 900 million represents a very attractive target for cybercriminals. The other key factor is that people love social networking because it is a way of sharing personal details and experiences with friends and family. Unfortunately, those details could be harvested by criminals if users aren’t vigilant. Fraudsters are also focused on exploiting Facebook members’ natural inclination to trust others on the site.

Great news

So it’s great news that Trend Micro has partnered with Facebook. With the world’s favorite social network using Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ cloud-based security, Facebook users are protected. Threats are stopped before they have a chance to reach your machines.

The Smart Protection Network is business-grade security that analyzes the content of each link in the cloud and blocks anything that looks suspicious or matches with known threats in our databases.

Trend Micro is also giving Facebook users a free six-month trial of our Titanium security product that’s powered by this same leading threat prevention technology.

Yes, things have changed a lot since 2004, but wherever there are large sums of money to be made, there will be criminals going after it. As leaders in web reputation and Internet security, we’re looking forward to helping protect you and other Facebook users from the bad stuff online.

Tony Larks works for Trend Micro and is guest blogging for the Fearless Web. The opinions expressed here are his own.

To get more tips and advice regarding Internet security, just “Like” Trend Micro Fearless Web Internet Security on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fearlessweb.

May 15

Android user? Oh yeah, here comes a kick ass mobile app to backup your device… for FREE!

We’re launching an entirely new Trend Micro product called Backup and Restore. Backup and Restore is a mobile backup app that works on Android Smartphones, cheekily backing up your photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars call history, text messages, and more!

How is it different from SafeSync? Well, Backup and Restore is a pure backup product that takes a secure copy of your files and holds them in the cloud just incase you lose, damage or upgrade your device. It’s a disaster recovery tool that helps you recover in the event of data loss or when you upgrade to a swanky new device! No sync, no access from the website or desktop, just good quality backup for your Android device– nice and simple.

You’ll probably have home insurance that covers your device should the worst happens, but money can bring back your precious data… Backup and Restore can!

It’s free to use, works on Android devices, supports English (more languages to come depending on popularity), and is probably the most important app you’ll ever download!

We’re currently offering this in live Beta – which means you can get your hands on it and protect your stuff for free right now.

It takes 4 mins to boil an egg. It takes 2 mins to download and install Backup and Restore. One tastes nice, the other might save you from mobile-Armageddon! It’s your choice… download here.

May 15

The SafeSync May Product Update – a quick note!

This month’s product update sees some much needed updates to the SafeSync mobile apps. We promised you that the next big update was around the corner and this is exactly what we’re planning on delivering. Lock the front door, close the curtains, put on your PJs and find a comfortable seat – the next major SafeSync mobile app update (v2.0) is coming in July!

Details of the may release can be found in the SafeSync changelog.



Apr 12

The Cloud – a bag for life?

It was World Back-up Day on 31 March. Hurrah!

As computing devices become ever-more ubiquitous and move closer to the heart of our daily lives, we need to pay more attention to what’s on them. Back in the days when there was one PC per household – if you were lucky – and all you could get was dial-up internet, back-up probably wasn’t much of a big deal unless you were using your PC for some serious number crunching or work-related assignment.

In those days a floppy disk or CD would have sufficed, kept under lock and key somewhere safe. As time wore on, external hard drives and USBs became the back-up location of choice, offering huge amounts more storage capacity and improved portability. The problem is, they never really overcame the main issue with back-up: you have to remember to do it frequently to make it worthwhile; you have to remember where you put your back-up device; and you have to take damn good care of it in case it breaks.

World Back-up Day is still an important event, but there are technologies out there that in reality should render it completely redundant. Why? Because of the advent of cloud computing.

Technologies like SafeSync automatically back-up your files securely and continuously to the cloud using real-time synchronisation technology. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s safe and it’s mobile. Here are some of the benefits:

  • As soon as you save a piece of content it is backed up to SafeSync’s secure datacentres
  • Previous versions of files can be recovered because it allows you to view history of changes
  • Content can be accessed from any of your internet-enabled devices – PC, tablet, smartphone, laptop etc
  • If your device is stolen, the most important things on it will be safe, synced to another device or in the cloud
  • You can share your favourite content with whomever you wish

Imagine traditional back-up as a plain old bog-standard flimsy plastic shopping bag. Eventually it’ll let you down by breaking at the most inopportune moment, or it’ll get lost or stolen, and ultimately end up on a rubbish heap.

The SafeSync way is a ‘bag for life’ – robust and ever-lasting. Multiple copies of each file are kept on separate drives in the Trend Micro datacenter and each drive is replaced frequently to make sure it doesn’t break.  In fact, users theoretically don’t even need to store their content in the cloud as each file could simply be synced between each of their smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop, providing several handy back-ups automatically.

Back-up is not just for one day of the year, it should be going on in the background automatically all the time thanks to the new generation of synchronisation technologies.

Maybe right now would be a good time to check it out!?

For full notes on the latest April release please refer to the new SafeSync changelog.

Mar 21

The March update: Sharing is caring!

Hey guys,

The March update has finally arrived and with it comes a bag full of security and desktop software goodies for you to enjoy.

Next month will see the introduction of a changelog to the blog. This might not be bedtime reading for most of us but it will be a very helpful resource for our technical user base.

Single use link anyone?

How does this benefit you..? Well, we’re continuing to make your sharing experience more secure by introducing the ‘single use’ option for our shareable links. This will enable you to send out links to your personal files, safe in the knowledge that the link will be removed immediately after your friend accesses it! Very cool if you are a secret agent, and useful if you just want an added layer of security – (You can access the ‘single use’ option from the ‘share this’ popup menu).

Pump up the volume with our enhanced bandwidth controls!

Sick of the internet crawling when you have to sync huge files? If you’re not lucky enough to have broadband then you might be interested in our enhanced bandwidth control options. Now you can toggle the speed at which your files are uploaded/downloaded between your device and SafeSync.

Overview of major updates:

  • Bandwidth control enhancements
    • Allow users to set the rate of upload and download speed


  • Shareable link security option improvement (Align with server enhancement)
    • Show up all option in default
    • Enhance wording to be more user-friendly


  • Ability to update client from within the client
    • Updated controls added to the ‘about’ tab within the client

Enjoy, and check in soon!


Jan 20

Do you ever get to go on holiday? – January updates!!!

Do you ever go on holiday? Need an additional admin to look after things when you are way? Now you can!!!

These new features have just be added to SafeSync for Business in the January release:

  • Ability to make other users admins.

Note: These additional admins can only create and delete users. They cannot buy more seats or renew the license.

  • Priority sync is now back!

Syncing a lot of stuff and need to prioritise a file? Now you can!Just right click on the file or folder you are syncing and select ‘sync faster’

  • Wondering how long is left until your sync finishes?

Sync time left has now been added. Just role over the SafeSync icon in your task bar to see how much time is left to sync

Just log into your SafeSync web console and download the latest client. New admin functionality is under the ‘Manage’ link.



Jan 11

In a hurry? Prioritize your sync!

Users are now able to select which of their files they want sync ahead of all others. The latest SafeSync update gives you’re the power to choose which files get sync’d first with a simple right-click function. This is available in the latest version of the SafeSync client (v. Mac and Windows compatible. You will be updated soon, so enjoy!

And remember, we roll out updates on a monthly basis so you don’t have to wait long for new features to make it to your SafeSync account.

Dec 14

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s clearly the holidays at SafeSync HQ. Seems everyone is on vacation!

Minor release coming on December 14 9:00-11:00 UTC. Nothing huge this month. Several fixes from our big 5.0 launch last month.

  • Japan customers can now try SafeSync before buying, upgrade storage plans and renew their subscriptions online
  • Invite user emails in SafeSync for Business are now active for 7 days
  • Launch of updated safesync.com pages
  • Other minor improvements


Dec 2

Cross post from Trend Community Forums

This post appeared on the Trend Community Forums. I thought it would be a good idea to cross post it here.



Hi Everyone,

First let me say thank you for the feedback and for caring enough to post on the Community Forums. It’s true, SafeSync is different than Humyo, but we believe it’s better in the long run. We haven’t removed any functionality related to syncing… Just added one and move others. With the SafeSync 5.0 client you have two ways to sync data to the cloud.

  1. You can use the SafeSync Folder to drag & drop files files directly to the cloud for quick and easy sync across all your devices.
  2. You can “make any folder a SafeSync Folder” (e.g., the old folder pairing function) just by simply right-clicking the folder you want to “pair” and choosing “SafeSync > Make this a SafeSync Folder” from the sub-menu.

Yes, we have removed much detail surrounding “bandwidth throttling” and “sync time remaining”. Our goal here was to make the product so simple that you didn’t need to worry about these things. Just set it up to sync and don’t worry about the time needed. In retrospect, we might have gone too fare. We’ve heard similar feedback on both areas and plan to add “some” of this functionality back in.

  1. More finite bandwidth control – While I don’t think we will go as far as we did in the old client, we realize all Internet connections are not created equal and will be giving more control to the user here.
  2. More information about sync time – I still believe the old client was “too chatty”, but now it’s “too quiet”, so we will work on adding more information for the user to know how much time is left to sync.

Neither of these are final specs, so if you have comments or suggestions, please provide them my way.

Again, thanks for your continued support.


– SafeSync Product Manager